Sell Your Existing Property

We can help you to liquidate or exchange, (1031) your existing property. Many of our clients use a self directed 401K to manage their wealth using land and investment property.

We use many different techniques in marketing and selling your property that meets your timeline and provide market pricing.

  • Live Auctions
  • Sealed Bid Sales
    • With live auction to top bidders
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Multiple National Listing Services

When you are ready to sell, talk to other agents and then call us last and let’s have a conversation on why we are different and why you will chose True North.

Find Your Dream Home

Have you out grown your current home? Looking at downsizing? How about making the move to an Independent Living Apartment? We will sit down with you and listen as you share what you need in a new home. Then our team will go to work and help find your dream home. Look at our listing page to find the property of your choice and give us a call – we love helping buyers and sellers!

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