Farm, Ranch Land & Facilities Management

Is your desire to build or modify your existing real estate portfolio and not sure who to turn to get ideas and verify the market?

In a Trust environment, are you wondering what is the best use of the property? Are your holdings producing the way you would like? Are you out of town and cannot monitor the operator or property?

Are you aware that your existing facilities are being depreciated and will need repairs in the near future?

Based on industry trends, most farms  – in a trust – will run out of repair funding within the first five years. Industry trends also indicate that the existing buildings and acreage settings increase the cost of the property taxes to a point where the ROI severely impacts the cash flow to the beneficiary or principals.

True North assists in navigating through these issues and prepares you  for the future so unexpected changes do not negatively impact your income stream.

True North utilizes the best available data, to balance the ROI as well as providing a solid straight forward plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Some of the criteria and options we consider include:

  • Design for flexibility and scalability.
  • A renovation plan that spans several years and keeps all buildings in excellent condition. Or, if the buildings are not utilized, they are removed.
  • Current land leases.
  • Straight forward communication to land owners, trustees and recipients of the trust – to explain the plan and share the strategic position for the future.
  • Elimination of unnecessary overhead.
  • Best approach for total land management.
  • True North can help you prepare for upcoming industry changes.

True North is unique in its approach to the management of farms and ranches because:

  • True North does not sell any equipment so there is no pressure on you to purchase a specific product.
  • True North does not have sales quotas we must fill or a “one size fits all” approach to customers.
  • True North will offer you multiple options and creative solutions that will best fit your needs.We listen to you!

We will go over the options with you and listen to what you have to say.

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