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Mike has been actively involved in agriculture and real estate since 1975. As an operator at 19 years old, he planted over 500 acres and raised 1,500 head of hogs annually. In 1980 he expanded the operation by starting an Agri- business to selling chemicals, seed and buildings to local area farmers. He began a Farm Land Management practice 10 years ago in Nebraska and due to the need, expanded into South Dakota in 2009. Mike has his Nebraska and South Dakota Brokers licenses, because of his education; he can provide an opinion on the value of any Real Estate Property in either state. Mike has provided many brokers opinions for estates, investors, sellers and potential buyers.

In the world of increasing taxes, True North prides itself on being aggressive and innovative.  If you have land that has wildlife on it, hunting leases just might be for you! Mike is experienced in creating and managing Hunting Leases that provide extra income for the land owner with minimal if any risk!

Also – True North works with multiple Estate Planning Law Firms to insure your succession plan is legal and your assets go to the right person(s), charities by avoiding Probate.  Mike has done the ground work for many families and has coached parents and grandparents about wills, trusts and other much needed end-of-life documents.

Mike graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.S.B.A degree in Business Information Systems with a minor in Accounting and Real Estate.

Mike is now expanding the land management practice into restoring unused farmland and making it productive again!  He is working on videos for his new youtube channel – Flip This Farm!  He is looking for acreages, farms andranches   “clean up” and restore. So if you have a story about your property, give him a call and see what he can do!

Mike Fujan
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